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3 days ago
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1 month ago
New photo by Indra Angkum Awell

Message from Buriek Kuyong Team.

Watch out FREE RIDERS. Be creative. Do your own masterpiece.

It a shame simply use other hard work for your own benefit.

We got eyes on you 😎

1 month ago

Sungai disusur sehari-hari...
Dalam gelap menangkap ikan...
Kami menyusun sepuluh jari..
Salah dan silap harap ... See more

1 month ago


Selamat Ngintu Ari Gawai ka bala kitak sebilik😘

P/s: Bergadai dijalai alun bai ka mansang tauka pulai..

Ari kami:
Admin Cath
Admin Indra
Admin Rozita
Admin Tina

1 month ago
Photos from Ngepan Iban Online Wholesale & Retail's post

Selamat lemai.

Nyu kepuas tembu ga iya. Sempat ga kena begawai taun tuk. 😍

Min mina nemu ngambi gambar aja 😜

1 month ago
Photos from Ngepan Iban Online Wholesale & Retail's post


WA Admin utk lock position

1 month ago

Apoo takut meda mua nya uchu..πŸ™ˆ Gawai ngansak sesemak, pama meh bisi blanja kena ngaga penganan jala πŸ˜„

1 month ago

Sapa yang cari ni haritu boleh direct wasap admin ya limited 3 set sahaja

Klik link di bawah utk tempahan

1 month ago

Hai All!!!!

Admin Indra buka Group Hoi/Ansuran Batch baru untuk Easy Payment Plan 10 Month😍

Click link πŸ‘‡ untuk lock turn:

Admin Indra Angkum⁩ πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

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